Global Expert in Corn Deep Processing Products

Established in the Shandong province of China, Xingmao is a large-scale producer of refined and purified industrial corn products, including 400+ varieties of corn starch, modified starch and more.

Key Facts & Figures




Product Portfolio

10+ Million Tons

of Purified & Processed Corn

Our Products

Corn starch

200+ varieties of corn starch and modified starch products to meet a comprehensive range of industrial needs

Corn Sweeteners

All-natural sweeteners for nutritional and functional applications

Complete Portfolio of
Corn-Based Ingredients:

High-quality corn products manufactured with fully integrated quality-control methods from source to supply

Based in Shandong province

home to some of China’s largest corn growers and producers

Our Services

Tailor-Made Product Formulations

We customize our product formulations with our customers’ needs always at the forefront. With passion and purpose, we deliver tailor-made technical solutions and a full range of products.

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Our vast network of large-scale production hubs are optimized for convenient sea & land transportation, ensuring the best method is used for fast, reliable and safe arrival of products.

Why Choose Us


Responsibility makes quality, and quality leads to certified brilliance.

Certified Excellence

The company has built state-of-the-art research & testing facilities. Based on its quality standards, our testing center received laboratory accreditation from the China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment.

Reliable and
Responsible Supply

From our sustainable processing to worry-free delivery, you can count on us.

Our Commitment
to Sustainability

We vigorously promote standardized production procedures with continuous management and oversight to protect both our environment and our quality standards.

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