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About Us

KAKE services all levels of clients small-large on their digital marketing campaign strategies from the ground up or enter already processed campaigns mid-way. Each campaign is custom tailored to the client’s needs and expected ROI (Return On Investment). We deliver the expected ROI only after going through a discovery stage to gauge several factors which we call business intelligence. We then narrow down your pain points and patch up holes in your campaign, so that there are no more lost leads and mis-allocated funds.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring forth a better approach to combining great creative with a strong digital marketing structure, to bring you the very best of both worlds. Our streamlined workflow brings you the best customer satisfaction due to high quality service provided by each department. Sustainability post development is a key factor in managing your creative & digital campaigns, therefore we have created a systematic approach that keeps you in the loop of everything and everyone that is involved within your campaign.

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